Brant and Gen

This is one of the most unique experiences I've had. It's important to note that I have never been camping before, and this was probably the best way to dip my toe into it. The Running Deer TIPI was very tidy and probably the most picturesque places I have stayed in. Although I came for the views and the tipi, it was wonderful to have the extras that he highlighted (communal fire pit, solar lights, flashlights, cots). As you might notice, there are a total of 3 tipis on the site, which are perfectly spaced out from each other to not have people encroaching on your visit/view if you don't want them to. However, we were fortunate to have friendly neighbors (in both tipis) who shared their firewood for the fire pit. Major highlights include a 20-minute drive to a great dog-friendly trail, stargazing (never seen so many stars before), and hearing coyotes howling (for a very brief moment) in the middle of the night.

Las Vegas, NV


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Located between Hatch and Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles North of Hatch, Utah
  11.2 miles South of Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles South of Scenic Byway 12

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