Brant and Gen

This tipi camping site is so ridiculously beautiful!! The scenery is gorgeous and overlooks the mountains and fields (there is a road right below and surprisingly the 4G signal is crystal clear), and the Running Deer TIPI is actually VERY spacious and clean. We weren't totally comfortable with the communal blankets/sleeping bags with COVID etc (since they are only washed once a month) but it did get extremely cold overnight. I packed a sheet from home to use between and my own pillow. The other two teepees are in close proximity so it isn't too isolated but you still are spaced far enough for your privacy, and each has their own porta potty. There are communal bins in the teepees and the firepit is shared between the three sites (we brought firewood and had fun chatting with our neighbors over a few drinks). Although I didn't sleep all that well on the cot in the cold (plus I think some local animals visited our tent overnight, put your food in your car!), we absolutely loved this stay and the experience was so worth it. I'd 100% recommend if you love the outdoors and a unique stay. If I'm ever in the area I'd book again no question.

Lakewood, OH


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Located between Hatch and Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles North of Hatch, Utah
  11.2 miles South of Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles South of Scenic Byway 12

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