Brant and Gen

The Running Deer TIPI near Bryce Canyon is an amazing place with spectacular views and one of the best stargazing I've seen in my life. Located on the top of a hill, so you can see all the beauty like on palm of your hand. It can be really windy there, but TIPI is not gonna fly, don't worry, it's a strong construction :) A lot of insects after sunset, as it's close to a river. But they're not poisoning, and if you don't leave a light on in TIPI, they won't bother you. Toilet by our TIPI was clean and didn't smell. For showers, we used one at Bryce Canyon in General Store by Sunrise point. It costs $3 for 8 minutes (you need to get a token at general store). Highly recommended for photographers for outstanding Milky Way pictures.

San Diego, CA


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Located between Hatch and Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles North of Hatch, Utah
  11.2 miles South of Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles South of Scenic Byway 12

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