Brant and Gen

Brant's off-the-grid cabin is easily in the top three best places we've ever stayed. It genuinely feels off the grid, as opposed to other places advertised as such where you just can't see the neighbor's house or something along those lines. This cabin is private, secluded, and absolutely perfect. The ATV was a blast, and exploring the property could easily be a task for two or three full days. The proximity to Bryce, Zion, and especially the lesser known spots recommended by Brant was incredible, and so so so much better than staying at one of the motel or lodge options near the parks. The cabin itself is so much more than a cabin!

We felt weird calling it a cabin, as it's incredibly well insulated, and with the generator and great cell reception, it's really no different from a normal home. We didn't even use all the generator's fuel and were there for two days. It's rare that we love a place so much we plan a second visit, but we're already researching best times to visit the area for next year!

New York, NY


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Located between Hatch and Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles North of Hatch, Utah
  11.2 miles South of Panguitch, Utah
  4.0 miles South of Scenic Byway 12

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