How to Contact Us

  • Private Studio Yurt
  • Private Deluxe Yurt

Jeannie and David Dellinger

If you are interested in staying at one of our Yurts but have a question before sending us a reservation request, you could call or send an email to us.

From the US: 435-735-4590
International: +01 435-735-4590


  • Off Grid Cabin
  • Zion * Bryce Hi-Tech Cabin
  • Running Deer TIPI
  • Soaring Hawk TIPI

Brant Wojack

If you are interested in staying at the Off Grid Cabin in Rock Canyon, Zion * Bryce Midway Hi-Tech Cabin, Running Deer TIPI camping site, or the Soaring Hawk TIPI camping site please call, text, or send an email to Brant.

From the US: 808-383-8591
International: +01 808-383-8591

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